Wife of The Wanted's Tom Parker calls on 'angels' to help as he misses tour due to cancer treatment

The 33-year-old singer from Bolton was due to open the group's Greatest Hits tour in Glasgow tomorrow (3 March). Credit: PA Images

The wife of The Wanted star Tom Parker's has "called upon angels" to help him after he pulled out of the first few shows of the band's tour.

The Bolton-born singer is currently receiving treatment for his brain tumour in Spain, which he revealed he was battling in October 2020.

He was due to open the group's Greatest Hits tour in Glasgow, but on social media he explained to his fans that his treatment had delayed his journey home.

Tom said: "I’m obviously gutted that I’ll be missing the first few shows but as I’m sure you will understand, I have to complete my treatment cycle.

"I know that the show will be incredible and that my boys will hold the fort down until I’m back."

His wife of Kelsey Hardwick, called on higher forces to help Tom as he continues to battle brain cancer.

On Instagram, she said: "I call on angels, guides and ancestors to help support Tom in his healing journey and please continue to awaken Tom’s heart and mind to give him the power, strength and healing that he needs on this journey to complete health. 🙏🏽"May his family be adorned with the love and strength that they need to enable them to support Tom too."I am supporting Tom Parker with love and light! And surrounding him with joy and positivity."Tom, you are a beacon of light, a true hero - we are so proud of you. Keep going. The world needs you."

The band back in 2013. Credit: PA Images

Following his announcement, fans have come out in support, with one Tweeting: "We just want you to know if you miss all this tour - that’s fine. Your health is 100000 times more important than any tour will ever be."

Another said: "We totally understand Tom and wish you the best for your treatment cycle."

In a separate Tweet, Parker was asked which tour date he was most looking forward to, to which he answered: "I think Manchester will be an emotional night."

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That performance will take place on 13 March.

The other four band members - Max George, Jay McGuiness, Nathan Sykes and Siva Kaneswaran - held a live meet and greet on Instagram this evening.

When asked about Parker, McGuiness said: "He's pushing on and he's going to join us ASAP."