Liverpool man jailed for hacking into victim's Snapchat and sending naked photos of her to family

Ryan Campbell admitted to hacking his victim’s Snapchat account and sending naked pictures of her to her family and friends.

A Liverpool man has been jailed for two years after hacking his victim's Snapchat account and sending naked pictures of her to her family and friends.

22-year-old Ryan Campbell, of Smith Place, Kirkdale, admitted the charges of hacking, harassment and disclosing sexual images.

Campbell was sentenced on Friday at Liverpool Crown Court following an extensive investigation by police.

He was also issued with a Criminal Behaviour Order, lasting for five years, which will place restrictions on his internet usage.

He now must allow Merseyside’s Cyber Dependent Crime Unit to access his internet history at any time and must not create any new social media accounts without first notifying police.

If Campbell breaches the conditions of the order, this can result in a further prison sentence.

Campbell was previously jailed in September 2020 for coercive and controlling behaviour, malicious communications and computer misuse.

He was released on licence and returned to prison in December 2021, immediately after his reoffending was reported to police.

He will now also serve the entirety of the remainder of his original 20 month sentence.

Ryan Campbell has been jailed for 2 years Credit: Merseyside Police

Detective Inspector John Black said: “The punishment handed to Campbell shows that we simply will not tolerate such vile harassment towards women.

"People like Campbell think that the internet will give them anonymity to make threats and ruin lives – but not on our watch.

“Our message to anyone who thinks such online behaviour is acceptable is that we will find you and put you before the courts.

“I would like to thank his victim for the bravery and courage she has shown in coming forward and supporting the police investigation to put Campbell behind bars.

“I hope that the fact that Campbell is off our streets and can no longer cause fear and harm to other women will provide some comfort to his victim and will help her move on from her ordeal.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage any victims of similar online offences to come forward and report it to us.

"We have specially trained officers who will take your complaint extremely seriously, support you sensitively every step of the way and take strong action against the person responsible.

"Time is no barrier to reporting such offences for us to investigate such offences, so please let us know if you have been a victim.

“We will support and work with women and girls who are subjected to stalking or harassment, violence, domestic abuse, or any other crimes based on their gender, so we can identify offenders and put them before the courts.”

Police urged anyone with information or who wants to report online harassment to call 101 where they will be spoken to by specially trained officers or pass information on to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Merseyside Police also stressed that having strong passwords and the use of two factor authentication can help protect online accounts.

The NCSC has all helpful advice and guidance on how you can help protect your online accounts from compromise, it can be found here