Memorial garden opens in Warrington to mark 10 years since a local soldier died in Afghanistan

Report by ITV Granada Reports journalist Jennifer Buck

A memorial garden has been officially opened in Warrington to mark 10 years since six British soldiers died while serving in Afghanistan.

Daniel Wade from Warrington died alongside Nigel Coupe from St Anne's - now, trees planted in their memory, have been unveiled in Marshall Gardens.

Six soldiers died when a roadside bomb exploded under their vehicle

The last post rang out over Marshall Gardens in Warrington today. A few years ago it was a disused piece of land, now it has been turned into a living memorial.

Sunday, 6 March, marks 10 years since a roadside bomb exploded under the warrior vehicle carrying Private Daniel Wade, Sergeant Nigel Coupe and four of their colleagues.

Marshall Gardens was chosen to remember them, it is opposite the cenotaph and in the centre of Warrington.

It has taken years of hard work driven by Daniel's mother but on Sunday it was open to the public.

Daniel's Mum Lisa Billing says: "It marks Daniel's 10 year anniversary since he died in Afghanistan, we've had a couple of stalls along the way, especially with Covid - it should have been opened for his 30th birthday but we changed it to his 10th anniversary so it's very special.

"Today means the world to me."

A bench now carries Daniel's name, so his family have somewhere to reflect along with the people of Warrington who it's hoped will use this quiet space in the future.

New trees have been planted to regenerate the park, but six trees are already growing strong, one for every member of the warrior six who died

Today ground was turned under the already thriving trees and portraits of each of the soldiers were given to their family and friends