Couple drive van from Isle of Man to Poland with supplies for refugees fleeing Ukraine war

A couple in the Isle of Man have travelled over a thousand miles in a van to deliver supplies to refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Nathan Cafearo said he felt compelled to do something as he has friends in Kyiv.

He said he was inundated with donations after just 24 hours of putting an appeal post on Facebook.

Nathan said: "I put the post out asking for supplies and donations and the post went viral and I've had maybe five or six van loads of donations so far."

The supplies were delivered to a refugee base in Warsaw.

Refuge in Warsaw

Nathan was also reunited with their Ukrainian friend Tanya, after she fled Kyiv.

Tanya was forced to leave Kyiv after the Russian invasion moved closer to the Ukrainian capital.

Talking of leaving Kyiv she said: "I was afraid to go out because you never know what might happen. I still can't believe this is happening in 2022."

She continued: "My body is here, but my mind is with Ukraine all the time".

  • Tanya talks about her decision to leave Kyiv

Once Tanya arrived in Lviv, she decided to leave the bus to drive a family to the border who were unable to drive themselves.

  • Tanya talks about the moment she decided to help another family in need

The Isle of Man has been mirroring much of the UK response to the war in Ukraine.

This includes closing the airspace and ports to Russian aircraft and vessels and making £500,000 available to support refugees.

Additionally, when a person or body is added to the UK sanctions list, they are automatically subject to equivalent measures in the Island.

A candlelit vigil is also due to be held at Villiers Square in Douglas on Thursday 10th March at 6:30pm.

Those who need urgent support and guidance are asked to email for assistance.

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