Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson says pandemic trauma will stay with NHS staff "forever"

Jordan henderson
Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson Credit: PA

Liverpool football captain Jordan Henderson said the trauma of the pandemic will stay with NHS staff "forever" as he called for them to get the "support and aftercare" they need.

The England midfielder met staff and volunteers at Yorkshire Ambulance Service, where money raised by his Players Together initiative is funding equipment, mental health support and training for hundreds of volunteers.

Henderson started Players Together at the start of the pandemic, inviting professional footballers to donate part of their wage to the NHS's Covid-19 Urgent Appeal.

He was later named as an ambassador for NHS Charities Together, the organisation which raises funds for more than 240 National Health Services charities.

The Players Together initiative raised millions after Premier League captains came together and gave a lump sum of their salaries Credit: PA

Henderson said "The thing that keeps coming up that worries us a little bit is the mental health side. What theNHS staff have been through over the last couple of years is a trauma that's going to stay with them forever. I think we've got a responsibility to make sure the support is still there and that they get the help and aftercare they need. There's also a responsibility to show them we do still care about them and the amazing work they're doing."

The Players Together initiative raised millions of pounds after Premier League captains came together and gave a lump sum of their salaries to the NHS Charities Together group.

Henderson said: "My dad was seriously ill quite a while ago now and the NHS was amazing with him - they saved his life really, so it's something close to my heart. I wanted to do something and felt as though this was a good way of giving back."

According to Yorkshire Ambulance Service, pressures facing staff in December and January were worse than at the peak of the pandemic, with call volumes up by 25% compared to pre-pandemic levels.

NHS Charities Together has to date allocated over £7 million across ambulance services in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, including £728,500 to the Yorkshire Ambulance Service Charity.