Wigan fans charity walk from Morecambe

Joseph's goal walk
Joseph's Goal charity walk Credit: Paul Kendrick

More than 50 Wigan Athletic fans are walking from Morecambe FC to the DW stadium ahead of Saturday's match to raise money for charity.

They're walking in aid of the Joseph's Goal charity, set up in the name of Joseph Kendrick, who was born with a rare genetic condition.

Joseph Kendrick suffers from a rare genetic condition Credit: Paul Kendrick

Non-Ketotic Hyperglycinemia, (NKH) affects only one child in every 60,000 and is caused by an excess of glycine on the brain that affects development.

The condition can vary in severity, with the more severe forms resulting in frequent seizures, immobility, and global developmental delay.

The condition is life-limiting, and there are only approximately 15 children in the United Kingdom and 500 children worldwide still surviving with NKH.

Joseph is now 12, and his parents set up the charity to raise money to try and find a cure.

Part of the fundraising efforts include walks between the DW stadium and whichever team Wigan Athletic are playing over the Easter weekend.

Joseph's goal walk at Burnley FC Credit: Paul Kendrick

In the past the fundraisers have walked between the DW and Leeds and Burnley FC, but the walk hasn't taken place for the past two years because of the Covid pandemic.

This year, the fans are setting off from Morecambe FC on Friday 18 March. TT legend John McGuinnness, who's from Morecambe will join them on the first leg of the walk.

The walkers are due to arrive at the DW stadium on Saturday March 19 ahead of the league game.