'If you've lost your teeth, give us a call,' Oldham restaurant's plea to reunite customer with teeth

What is the most unusual thing you've ever left behind on a night out?

Keys, gloves and phones are all fairly standard items in the lost property box, but one restaurant owner in Oldham has been left with the task of trying to reunite someone with their teeth!

Yes, that's a full set of false teeth.

Emma Whelan posted a photo of the bagged gnashers on The Barclay Pizza & Prosecco's facebook page with the caption "So if you have lost your teeth…YES TEETH!!! Give us a call, we’ve kept them safe for you."

She added they'd found many things but "this is a new one" and "it must have been a cracking night."

The post caused a lot of giggles with many tagging their mates to asking if they'd left them behind. The dentures we left behind on Saturday the 19th of March.

Pizza and Prosecco in Royton

Emma who owners the restaurant in Royton said; "Our supervisor Cameron found them. They were on the floor by the bar. It’s a full set of teeth.

"I particularly wanted to post it because someone is definitely missing them.

"I had gone by that point, it was about 1.30am. Cameron just posted a picture in our work group asking if anyone had lost them."

Emma Whelan (left) and her business partner Gill Taylor

The story even made its way to Loose Women with Coleen Nolan adding it was "bizarre."However, she later admitted, "I'm a nightmare at the moment," for forgetting things, she revealed she'd twice travelled to London for the show without her suitcase.

Presenter Kelle Bryan said she'd once left her baby in the car and went shopping, "literally, parked the car, baby was in the car seat...put the baby bag on my back...went to the shop and was like I'm sure I've forgotten something!"

The search for the owner of the teeth continues...