'Not a dry eye': Couple in their 90s celebrate 70 years of marriage with dance in Liverpool bar

  • Watch the moment Ina and Normal Hill take to the dance floor in Liverpool

A city centre bar in Liverpool was stopped in its tracks with many 'in tears' after a couple celebrating 70 years of marriage spontaneously took over the dance floor.

Ina, 92, and Norman Hill, 94, from Netherton, were out with their family ahead of their wedding anniversary when they took to the dance floor of Ruby Blues for the impromptu performance of The Impossible Dream, which was being performed by George Gallagher.

The couple's granddaughter Rebecca Hill said there was not a dry eye in the room during the dance.

She said: "They went over to get a picture with George Gallagher. He started singing, they started dancing and the crowd just made a space for them.

"The place was packed and everything just went quiet. There were people standing on chairs and everything, it was amazing to watch. It was emotional.

"People who didn't even know my nan and grandad were in tears and after they saw them dance they were telling them different stories about their husbands and wives and congratulating them."

Norman and Ina travelled the world together.

Ina and Norman travelled around the world together as professional ballroom dancers, after meeting in a West Derby pub in 1950.

Norman, originally from Bootle, and Ina, from Everton, have four children, 10 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren together.

Norman said: "I met my wife at the Grafton in Liverpool many years ago. First of all, I was on the balcony and I saw my wife down below.

"I said 'she's nice', so when I got down there someone had beat me to it, so when she came back I went upstairs again and someone beat me to it again.

The couple say dancing has "been our life". Credit: Liverpool Echo

"The third time I stood behind her, I thought you're not going to get away this time and got her up for a dance then and the rest is history.

"We've had a good, healthy and happy life. We've got an absolutely wonderful family that support us.

"Dancing has been our life, it's kept us fit and I was on the docks for 30 years, that helped."

Norman said he was overwhelmed by the response they received to their dancing.

He added: "It was out of this world. It was a night I'll never forget, neither will my wife. Everyone was so nice - from Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool, everywhere - the people coming up to us congratulating us and wishing us well."