Mum whose daughter needs cancer treatment abroad 'dreads' next flight after Manchester Airport chaos

A mother whose terminally ill daughter needs regular treatment in Germany says she is dreading their next journey after experiencing chaotic queues at Manchester Airport.

Laura Nuttall, 21, from Barrowford in East Lancashire has glioblastoma, the same form of brain cancer which the Wanted singer Tom Parker had.

She was given 12-18 months to live when she was diagnosed at 18, but receives immunotherapy treatment in Germany thanks to fundraising.

Laura has to go for the therapy every four weeks which continued during lockdown when the family were given a private jet when commercial flights were halted.

Her mum Nicola also says they have made the journey by ferry a few times, but nothing prepared them for the chaos at Manchester Airport on Monday, 4 April, and claims one person even collapsed in the queue.

Queues at security in Manchester Airport. Credit: MEN Media

She said: "Staff are doing their best, but it's two and a half hours at least to get through.

"Laura is in her wheelchair so we could use the fast-track, but it's not great for Laura.

"We're coming out next month [May] for the next round of treatment and it fills me with dread we have to go through this".

Nicola also said because Covid restrictions have been eased and there is no paperwork to fill in or passes to show, things should be smoother.

She said: "The Easter holidays haven't come as a surprise and the airports have been open for a while now, so I would have hoped they would have been able to prepare for this point and get staff in.

"It's slower than it's been for six months, which is hard to understand."

Manchester Airport has apologised once again for the queues, asking people to arrive as "early as their airline allows".

The Airport also said "Our whole industry is facing staff shortages and recruitment challenges at present.

"The removal of all travel restrictions coupled with the start of the summer travel season has seen a rapid increase in passenger numbers which is putting an enormous strain on our operation.

"We are doing all we can to recruit the staff we need to meet this demand".