Liverpool man with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and the robotic arm helping him live independently

A Liverpool fan with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy has finally secured a 'life-changing' robotic arm to help him live more independently.

Adam Kent's condition means he has very limited mobility, so even the act of being able to get himself a drink or open a door will make a huge difference to his life.

He is one of just a handful of people in the UK to have one, and the first in the North West.

"This arm will help me do a lot of things that people take for granted." Adam said.

He joked he would love to see it in a crimson red, the colour of his beloved LFC but is acutely aware of the difference this will make to everyday living and the dependence he has on others.

He says: "Like even just going into your fridge and getting a drink. It's not the biggest thing but it is to me."

The JACO arm fits to his chair and can be operated with a joy stick, meaning Adam can do much more for himself.

In November last year, his beloved club LFC paid for him to have the arm for the evening so he could achieve a life long dream of raising his scarf high in the air to the strains of the anthem 'You'll Never Walk Alone.'

However, after the game the arm had to be returned. "I was gutted to see it go," he said, joking that they pretended to lock the door when it was time for it to be collected.

The robotic arm which is made in Canada costs £50,000. The family have been working hard to fundraise to buy one, and say they are grateful to everyone who has supported them, including Granada Reports viewers.

But so far they have fallen short of their target.

What they have raised however, allows them to rent the arm on a monthly basis as part of a special one off deal arranged through a mobility specialist company here in the UK.

Even that is an incredibly expensive undertaking, "it's the price of a mortgage," says Adam.

Hannah and Adam

"It's here and now and that's what matters," said Adam's twin sister and carer Hannah Cagliarini.

"There's a lot in our life where we have to take the moment, you know, it's an inspiration to be able to watch him achieve these things."

Specialist Simon Fielden, of Rahana Life, adds: "The other thing that Adam is able to do now is raise awareness of this kind of technology."

The arm also seems to be a lucky charm with the Reds winning both games Adam has attended so far with his scarf aloft.

They family is still fundraising in the hope they will be able to buy the JACO for Adam in the future. Find out more here.