Peregrine falcon trapped in Manchester skyscraper

The Beetham Tower may offer a birds-eye view of Manchester but one feathered creature got more than it bargained for after getting stuck 48 floors up!

A peregrine falcon was rescued after frantically frantically flying into the glass walls of the building, trying to escape.

Luckily the bird of prey was rescued after a contractor called the RSPCA to come and collect her.

RSPCA Animal Rescue Officer Helen Chapman said: “The bird was in a panic and she was flying into the glass repeatedly.

"Fortunately, one of the workmen had managed to contain her and kept her safe until we arrived.

“We think the bird was probably chasing a pigeon and the roof might have been open and she’s flown in and got stuck.

"Had she not been found she would just have kept flying at the glass.”

After her ordeal she spent time recovering at a Cheshire wildlife hospital before being released back into the wild.

The falcon suffered cuts and bruises but healed well and was freed at Hulme Park.

The falcon recovering from her ordeal.

"Hopefully, she will have made her way safely," said Helen. "We know there are keen bird watchers who keep an eye out for falcons in the area and I am sure someone will track her movements."

The RSPCA say in 2021, it was estimated there were 13 pairs of peregrines in the Greater Manchester area, nesting on urban buildings, mills, and quarries.

One pair was reported to be nesting on a tower block at MediaCityUK for several years prompting the Manchester Raptor Group to lobby the buildings’ owners to provide them with proper shelter so the birds could raise a family.