Dog found in such a poor state near Ashton canal it was feared he was already dead

A blind dog has been discovered such a poor state the man who found him thought he was dead.

The matted male Shih tzu dog was recovered near the Ashton Canal, in Ashton-under-Lyme, at the end of March by a walker. The neglected dog so was terrified to move the man took him home to help him recuperate.

After a week he realised the dog was in urgent need of further treatment so he took him to a nearby vets where he was transferred to the care of the RSPCA.

The dog was found in such a poor condition with matted fur.

Inspector Ryan King collected the dog, thought to be around six-years-old and now named Ashton after the place where he was dumped, and rushed him for emergency veterinary treatment.

He needed 1.3 kilograms of matted fur shaved off and may need his eyes removing.Ryan said: “When the man who found Ashton first came across him he was laying next to a bench near the canal; as he wasn’t moving he thought the poor pet was already dead.

“Vets at the animal hospital later found he was blind in one eye with glaucoma and had very little sight due to cataracts - so it is not surprising the poor dog would have been too terrified to move from where he was abandoned. 

“Sadly it looks like both eyes may have to be removed to prevent further suffering - although vets will do all they can to save the eye with cataracts. 

The little dog Ashton was dumped at a canal.

“While also at the hospital staff had to shave off 1.3 kilograms of matted fur - which was 10% of his overall body weight - as this was preventing him from moving and causing him suffering.

He said: “Ashton was clearly neglected and it appears that instead of seeking help for their pet the owner decided to dump him and left him in a very vulnerable position as he couldn't see or walk - he would have been terrified in such an unknown environment.”

Ashton will now receive further treatment and once he has fully recuperated he will be found a new home.