Buxton paraglider finds good samaritan who helped save his life

Video report and article by ITV Granada Reports' journalist Tim Scott.

A paraglider from Buxton has tracked down a woman who helped saved his life after he was involved in a freak accident.

Pete Newbold was paragliding in the Peak District in December 2021 when a gust of wind blew him and his craft several hundred metres.

Hauled into the air, Pete was smashed into a dry stone wall.

He broke both his ankles and his back and was lying in pain in sub-zero temperatures in a very remote area when.

Emergency services help Pete after his accident.

Pete's radio and phone failed to reach anybody that could help, but as luck would have it, some walkers came past.

One of them, "Wendy" - the only name he can remember - stayed with him, kept him warm and kept talking to him until the ambulance arrived.

Someone had called 999 and the North West Air Ambulance arrived and very quickly took him to hospital.

"There was this lady called Wendy who came across and laid down at the back of me to keep the wind from me because in December it was about minus three", Pete said.

"She kept talking to me which kept me going."

The North West Ambulance service said the group of workers "did a really great job at lookin after Pete."

The message from Wendy after she spotted the report on Good Morning Britain. Credit: ITV News

He underwent surgery, he had metal fitted into his back, and is now slowly recovering.

Pete searched for months on walking groups' website to try and find Wendy, so he could thank her for all of her efforts that scary day.

And, after watching ITV Granada Reports, she finally got in touch with him.

She sent a message to Pete which read: "I saw the piece on Good Morning piece about your accident. I am Wendy!"

Wendy wished Pete well and the pair are planning to meet up so he can say 'thank you' in person.