Meet the bomb expert from the Isle of Man helping troops in Ukraine

Video report by Granada Reports journalist Emma Sweeney

A bomb disposal expert from the Isle of Man is helping to train troops fighting in Ukraine.

Chris Garrett, from Peel, is part of a group of foreign volunteers training locals in explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) in Kyiv.

The 38-year-old has worked on and off to clear mines in the country since 2014. He returned when the war broke out in February.

''I wasn't really planning on coming back to Ukraine this time. It was only when I realised how bad the situation had got.

''I don't think a lot of people were really expecting Russia to attack Ukraine in the way they did. Because of my past experiences out here, I knew that I would be able to come out and be of some use.''

Chris Garrett travelled to Ukraine when war broke out in February Credit: Chris Garrett / Instagram

The Manx native, who is documenting his journey on social media, says he strongly advises people not to travel to the war zone to fight. Instead, he says people should support charities working on the front line.

''The chances are, if you come here as a foreigner, you're going to sit in a trench and you're going to get hit with artillery all day and all night and there's nothing you can do about it.

''If people do want to help, there is plenty of things that they can do to help.

''There's a number of organisations that have been set up to help move equipment around the country - so people don't actually need to get themselves into any dangerous positions. They're able to come to the Polish border and there's people that can help to actually pick up these supplies and get them into the right places.''