Manchester dad left stunned as missing wallet turns up almost seven years later

missing wallet turns up
The wallet had multiple notes in that are now out of circulation, as well as cards that are out of date. Credit: MEN Media

A dad has been left stunned after the wallet he left in the back of a taxi turned up - almost seven years later.Andy Evans, 45, from Wythenshawe in South Manchester, was travelling back from watching The Courtneeners at the city's Heaton Park in June 2015, when he lost the wallet - containing his driving licence, bank cards, and £134 in cash.The dad-of-two had flagged down the black mini-bus style taxi, but had no idea which firm it belonged to and had no way of contacting the driver.

Andy Evans lost the wallet returning from a gig in Manchester's Heaton Park Credit: MEN Media

He had given the wallet up as lost when he realised it was not in his jeans pocket shortly after stepping out of the cab.

But, incredibly, almost seven years later, he received a package, sent by recorded delivery, containing the wallet.

All the contents were still there, but some of the cash was so old it was no longer in circulation and all the cards had expired."It's just absolutely crazy," said Andy.

"At first I was really confused as I didn't really remember the wallet as it was so long ago. Then as I looked at it a bit more I started to twig."I just couldn't believe it. I thought 'it can't be'. Seven years!? No-one I've told can believe it either.

"I texted my brother straight away as he had to lend me money on the night so I could stay out and keep partying, so he remembered it, and he's gobsmacked as well."

The wallet's contents were untouched Credit: MEN Media

The package had an email address on the envelope which Andy wrote to, to thank them for returning it. He received a reply saying that the wallet had been 'found in an old taxi'.The message, simply signed 'Manchester Taxi Driver' said: "7 years... Wow. The wallet was found in an old taxi and looked untouched. I hope all the belongings are there. Get yourself to a bank to get the money updated and enjoy. All the best."

Andy added: "It's mad. I just can't believe it's come back but with everything in it. Imagine how many passengers must have been in that taxi since me.

"Two girls got in it straight after me that night, I know that for a fact.

"And it appears it's been sat there wedged underneath the seat or something all this time, even by the sounds of it after this taxi came off the road.

"It's like Robinson Crusoe or something. A message in a bottle coming back years later. You couldn't write it."