Writer's lost wallet with lock of late mum's hair inside returned to him thanks to social media

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A screenwriter who lost his wallet with an "irreplaceable" lock of his late mother's hair has had it returned to him thanks to social media.

Frank Cottrell-Boyce took to Twitter to see if anyone could help find his missing wallet that he had misplaced in Liverpool on Wednesday, 27 April.

He Tweeted "I lost my wallet. Which would be nothing. Except, it had a lock of mum's hair in it. It turned an impossibly beautiful lunar grey just before she died.

"The fact that I can't replace is painful. If you find my wallet (Bold St) hand it into Co-Op bank please. Keep the money."

The Tweet was shared more than 1,500 retweets, when someone replied to say his wallet was safe at the restaurant, Bundobust, in Liverpool.

Frank had looked everywhere and went to Twitter as a last resort to see if anyone had found it, he said: "It seems so ridiculous to make a fuss about something but losing that lock of hair was the first time it came home to me that she was gone.

"It's strange how much an object can mean."

Frank's mum, Joan Boyce Credit: Frank Cottrell-Boyce

Frank had lost his mum, Joan Boyce, unexpectedly last year, just days after losing his father.

Joan had been her husband's carer and the two were married for 62 years.

He said she had always been fit and healthy but Frank said when she realised that her husband was going to pass away she just wanted to be with him.

He said his mother used to say: "I can't keep your father waiting" and Frank thinks "that's exactly what happened."

Before Joan passed away, Frack said her hair had turned a "beautiful moon grey colour."

He had kept a lock after she died in his wallet and it would remind him of how filled with love her last days were. He said he had felt 'broken' by losing it.

Frank went to pick up his wallet at Bundobust in Liverpool, he said the people knew exactly who he was and handed him the wallet straight away.