Bury charity says demand for pet food bank increasing because of cost of living

Pet food costs are rising, says data firm Kantar

A Bury charity is seeing growing demand for pet food banks because of the rising cost of living.

The Blue Cross in Radcliffe says some owners are feeding their pets before themselves.

Data firm Kantar estimate that dog and cat food prices have risen by 10%.

The Blue Cross aims to help owners to limit the number of people needing to put their pets up for adoption and rescue because they can no longer afford to keep them.

Gina Ratcliff, Animal Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross Greater Manchester said: "People don't like asking for help but when they realise how accessible it is and the help we can give them, they are eternally grateful.

"We find people are so pleased that someone can help them so they don't have to tackle that awful decision of maybe rehoming their pet."

Supplies available to pet owners in Radcliffe include wet and dry food, cat litter, collars, leads and harnesses.

The food bank started in February 2021 and has seen an increase month on month.

The Bury branch is part of a wider UK network, with other pet food banks available in Sheffield and Grimsby.

The Blue Cross are hoping to branch out further and start delivering further afield once they have a driver.

The Blue Cross urge anyone who is struggling to contact them for help.