'The Force' is strong in Blackburn as Star Wars fans gather for fundraiser

Star Wars fans gather at Ewood Park for a charity fundraiser Credit: ITV News

More than a thousand Star Wars fans have gathered at Ewood Park in Blackburn to celebrate the films franchise and meet some of the stars. It is all to raise vital funds for East Lancashire Hospice.

The Star Wars Fan Fun Day is back on the calendar after a two year break due to covid restrictions and fans were queueing up to take part.

The event attracted Star Wars fans of all ages

Sixteen actors from the film franchise joined fans for a pre booked dinner, with an auction of film memorabilia.

The actors were on hand to meet people at the event and said they enjoyed being welcomed by so many avid fans. Amanda Lawrence who plays Commander Larma D'Acy in Star Wars said "I have been moved by the comradeship of everyone and the creativity of the people who have focused on something they love with the costumes and sharing their enjoyment with others"

When asked about what makes Star Wars so special the actor said "I think from where it started because it is a classic narrative it is a classic tale and it has just struck a chord with people from the very beginning and they are going back to their childhood"

Fans took the opportunity to show off their replica costumes

Organiser Neil Livesey says it is great to have the event in the North West "I went to the Star Wars Convention in London about 15 years ago, I was blown away mostly to find there were other nerds like me who loved Star Wars and I thought I need to bring something like that to the North"

Organisers of the eventhave successfully raised over £27,000 for the East Lancashire Hospice since 2009, and hope to raise more than £5,000 from this event alone.

Ann Mason from East Lancashire Hospice says " events like the fan day are so crucial to the community and helping the Hospice, we need £4 million to keep the Hospice running every year so events like this help us continue our support for our patients"