Martin Roberts watched doctors remove 'death liquid' from around his heart after chronic chest pains

Martin Roberts was rushed to A&E with chronic chest pains. Credit: ITV's This Morning

Martin Roberts has said he watched in fear as doctors removed 'dark red black death liquid' which had been stopping his heart working properly.

The 58-year-old TV presenter from Warrington was speaking on ITV's This Morning.

He said he went into hospital in April with chest pains, before being told there was a serious issue.

In hospital he was told the sack around his heart was 'filling with liquid' and his lungs were not getting the oxygen they needed.

Speaking on This Morning, he said: "By the time they got to me, my kidneys were at 30%, my liver was at 30%, my lungs weren’t getting the oxygen and at any point, I could have had a heart attack.

He continued: “The heart would have been strangled by itself. We’re talking minutes or hours of life left here.”

He posted an update from the hospital on his Instagram account.

He said: "I’ve had a few chest infections over the last few years and I’ve had asthma since childhood, so I’m used to quite a tight chest.

“As it approached the Easter bank holiday weekend, it was starting to get really bad, where I could hardly walk without struggling for breath.

He continued: “The confusing thing about this is that it gets you in the breathing side of things, so you don’t think it’s something to do with your heart.

Martin Roberts was talking on This Morning. Credit: ITV's This Morning

Despite his health scare, Roberts said he will start filming 'Homes Under The Hammer' again in a few weeks and would like to carry it on.

He said: “I’ve got to get to 20 years. Hopefully I’ll get some nicer properties and they’ll cherry-pick the good ones, rather than the really bad ones".