'Rare pink pigeon' sighting in Lancashire ruffles feathers

Footage of the 'pink pigeon' captured by Kelly Lunney in Lancashire.

One of the rarest birds in the world is believed to have been spotted by a mother in Lancashire.

A 'pink pigeon' has been seen roaming the neighbourhood in Nelson, much to the surprise of the residents.

Onlookers believe it could be a Nesoenas mayeri which is a bird native to Mautitius, and one of only 500 left in the world.

Kelly started to film the pigeon after she first saw it take flight. Credit: SWNS

However sceptics believe the bird may have instead simply been dyed the colour pink.

Kelly Lunney was at her mother's flat in Nelson when she first saw the bird. Speaking to the Metro, she said: "I think everyone’s been really shocked."

She continued: "It’s got pink feet. And when it picks up its wings, it’s got white lines underneath it, and it looks identical on both sides when it’s flying.

"Other people in the communal garden have seen it — and there’s a man down the bottom who actually feeds them, so I’m sure he would have seen it too."

Kelly believed she was 'seeing things' when she first caught sight of the bird. Credit: SWNS