Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers makes first appearance with bald head since cancer diagnosis

Dave Myers revealed in May that he had been diagnosed with cancer. Credit: Hairy Bikers podcast / Twitter

Hairy Bikers star Dave Myers has made his first appearance since starting chemotherapy.

The chef, from Barrow-in-Furness, revealed earlier this month, on his podcast with life-long friend and cooking partner Si King, that he had been diagnosed with cancer.

The 64-year-old was seen with a newly bald head after undergoing treatment, as he filmed the latest installment of their 'Agony Uncles' podcast.

Sharing the clip on Twitter, Dave dubbed the episode as "the debut of the baldy biker" before whispering a cheeky tale of a skiing holiday in his younger days when he ‘ended up with a German policewoman’.

After finishing the story, the voice of his wife can be heard in the background of the podcast shouting: "I heard that!".

Dave explains in the podcast that he had asked his wife to shave his head after hair started to fall out in the shower.

He joked to Si King and 'Posh Tash' that she had compared him to ‘Stanley Tucci who has been sleeping behind the library for a month’.

(Left) The Hairy Bikers, Si King and Dave Myers. Credit: PA images

The chef said he was embracing the new, bald look, explaining: ‘It’s quite nice, getting in the shower just washing it.

"It started falling out so I said, “Mrs Myers, get those clippers out.”

When Myers announced his diagnosis in May, he said 2022 would be "write-off," as he will not be able to film and will have to miss some of the festivals he planned to attend.

He has not specified what type of cancer he has been diagnosed with but said "the prognosis is OK, I’m going to be fine."

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