Catcaller who left woman 'bleeding and unconscious' in Meols blamed outburst on grandad's death

Adam Higginson left his victim lying in the street unconscious. Credit: Liverpool Echo

A man who left a woman "bleeding and unconscious" in the street after she confronted him over catcalling blamed his outburst on the death of his grandad.Adam Higginson and another man had been drinking pints of beer and shots when they started shouting at a woman who was walking home alone.

Although the comments had made her feel intimidated and frightened, she decided to stand up to the drunken friends, Liverpool Crown Court heard.

Peter Hussey, prosecuting, said she had told them to "get lost" but they turned "aggressive", shouting "you should take it as a compliment".They continued taunting her until she aimed a kick at Higginson, who then kicked back and punched her, leaving her with a permanent scar.The woman in her 30s had been out with friends in Meols, Wirral, on 12 June 2021 when she heard shouting from outside the Railway pub in Birkenhead Road at around 11pm.

CCTV footage showed the woman kick out at Higginson, which the prosecution say was in the shin.Higginson, 32, of Shelley Street, Bootle, later claimed she kicked him in the groin.

Higginson was standing outside of the Railway pub in Birkenhead Road when he attacked a woman. Credit: Liverpool Echo

Judge David Potter said the men had made "unwelcome" remarks and the victim tried to ignore them. He told Higginson: "Because she ignored you, you became more aggressive."You shouted that she should take what was being shouted at her as a compliment. She understandably began to feel threatened by those comments."Judge Potter said the woman confronted them, but "clearly from what I've seen she was no match physically for you or the other man, or the combination of you".He said the woman kicked out at Higginson, who immediately kicked her in the body.

Higginson then "pursued the now retreating and followed up that kick with a heavy punch to her head, which knocked her flat out onto the road surface".Judge Potter said: "You then jogged off. You left her unconscious and bleeding in the middle of the road."The woman was taken to hospital for a head injury, which had left a 2cm cut to the right side of her mouth. She is now awaiting plastic surgery for the scar.

The victim said she was left anxious, wary of going out alone and took time off work, which hurt her business.Higginson, who admitted wounding, has 12 previous convictions for 28 offences.

They include battery and attempted robbery in 2006, possessing an offensive weapon and being drunk and disorderly in 2007, and racially aggravated assault and conspiracy to commit affray in 2009.He was jailed for six months for assault causing actual bodily harm in 2009. Higginson has since been convicted of motoring offences.Paul Treble, defending, said the CCTV "clearly" showed Ms Brooks "run over and kick" his client and his actions were "impulsive and spontaneous".

"It was short lived because it was one punch."

Higginson was sentenced to 18 months in prison at Liverpool Crown Court. Credit: Liverpool Echo

Continuing, Mr Treble said the dad had been celebrating a family member's birthday and he had drank "far to much."He said Higginson was upset at the time because he had been discussing the death of his grandad, who died a few months previously.

He also said he may have drank too much because his ex-partner was relocating to Spain with their daughter.Mr Treble said Higginson's dad died when he was young, "his mum then being involved with men who used to beat him".

He was later diagnosed as schizophrenic with elements of paranoia.Mr Treble urged the judge to spare him jail so he could help to tackle his problems.

However, Judge Potter said the attack was so serious, only prison was appropriate.

He said: "When you struck the blow to her face it was, in the judgement of this court, a simple act of retribution and revenge for the slight she has caused you."The judge accepted Higginson's reaction was spontaneous and "thankfully" short lived, but it was at night and in public, when he was "heavily" drunk.

He jailed him for 18 months.