Chief Minister says 'we need to make changes to government' in response to damning tribunal

The Chief Minister of the Isle of Man has said "we need to make changes to government", following a damning tribunal which found the former medical director was unfairly dismissed.

Alfred Cannan MHK was speaking in Tynwald, the Island's parliament.

He continued to say the result of the tribunal had "damaged confidence" in the government, but was unable to discuss some of the findings in detail as it remains 'sub judice'.

Within his statement, he said "I acknowledge our shortcomings" and announced numerous changes to address the findings of the tribunal.

These included:

  • A review of the Office of Human Resources

  • A review of the Chief Secretary's role

  • Public servants code to be updated

  • Whistleblowing legislation to be updated

  • New employee recognition programme to be introduced

He described the proposals as "laying out foundations" for reform within the Manx government.

When asked whether he had confidence in the Director of Public Health and the former Health Minister, he said "we are getting on with delivering for the people of this Island".

Dr Rosalind Ranson was the Isle of Man's Medical Director at the beginning of the pandemic. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

The announcement comes after a tribunal concerning the Island's Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and the former Medical Director Dr Rosalind Ranson.

She had claimed if the government had taken her advice sooner during the pandemic, "more lives would have been saved".

However, after speaking out she found herself side-lined before eventually being dismissed from her role.

200-page report into the events found that she was 'unfairly dismissed'.

Manx politicians have been debating the findings during a parliamentary sitting of Tynwald.

The Chief Minister concluded by saying "change will not happen overnight, but will start and move with urgency".