Everton threatened with legal action over club finances

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Everton insist they have followed the rules over their financial losses

Everton FC say they are confident they have complied with the Premier League's financial fair play rules over their financial losses.

It comes after Leeds and Burnley are threatening legal action against the club, after their accounts show losses of £372m over the past three years.

Clubs have been allowed to write off losses due to the covid pandemic, Financial Fair play rules allow for losses of £105m during that period.

Everton say their covid-19 losses over the past two seasons amount to £170m, which can be deducted from their total.

That figure is far higher than clubs a similar size, such as Newcastle who posted covid losses of £40m over the past two seasons, while Aston Villa said theirs were £56m.

Everton, who have been involved in a relegation battle with Leeds and Burnley, secured their Premier League status on Thursday with a 3-2 win over Crystal Palace.

Burnley and Leeds want an independent commission to assess Everton's finances urgently.

An Everton spokesman said: "We have worked closely with the Premier League to make sure we are compliant. We are comfortable we have complied with the rules."

"External auditors have told us what we can and cannot claim against the pandemic. If clubs want to take legal action that's their decision."