Manchester Guitar Festival gets underway at The Stoller Hall

Video report by ITV Granada Reports Journalist Tim Scott

Guitar players are in for a treat as the Manchester Guitar Festival gets underway at Stoller Hall.

The 3 day festival (Friday 20 - Sunday 22 May) feature flamenco from Spain, jazz from Liverpool and one of the semi finalists of the Guitar Star TV show, Becky Langan who's from Rochdale.

Becky Langan says the guitar fest is almost like a 'hometown' gig

Langan who now travels the world as a professional musician, says she always gets an incredible welcome in Manchester and agreed it is almost like a 'hometown gig'.

Also topping the bill is the Ukulele Uff Trio from Liverpool who play authentic 1920's jazz.

Also topping the bill are Ukulele Uff, former punk rockers from Liverpool

But what attracted these former punk rockers to this old school music in the first place?

They say it takes them back to the music they grew up to in the 1950's and 60s.

There will be no George Formby tunes at The Manchester Guitar Festival but it does promise to have something for everyone.

There are also lots of workshops and tutorials that guitar players of all abilities can come and join in.

Alongside performances there’s interactive workshops with professional musicians taking place throughout the weekend.

There’s something for all ages and abilities; from a flamenco guitar workshop with Daniel Martinez, to jazz and improvisation with Jim Faulknerpercussive rhythm and techniques with Becky Langan and a chance to learn how to play the ukulele with Chris ‘Uff’ Hough.

The workshops are fully interactive, so don’t forge your instrument if you’d like to join in.

All workshops are included within the festival weekend ticket.