Hacienda 40th anniversary rave split into two parties, leaving ticketholders disappointed

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Ravers with tickets for the Hacienda's 40th anniversary party have criticised a decision to split the event in two. Ticketholders were told of the change with just hours to go before the rave on the site of the legendary nightclub which had been due to last for 6 hours.

It means half of ticketholders will get to party from 6pm to 10.30pm before a 30 minute break, before resuming for a second set of revellers between 11pm and 2am.

In a statement released on the official Fac51 Hacienda social media pages, organisers said all ticketholders would be contacted with their new time slot. They did not say why the changes have had to be made, although added it came after a "lot of discussions" and working through the night to allow the party to go on.

One ticketholder described the announcement on Twitter as "really disappointing", while another said the decision was a "farce.... it's like going to a gig and only watching the support act, but paying to see the whole event!"

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The tone of the announcement disappointed the author David Nolan, who wrote a biography of the Hacienda's co-owner Tony Wilson. In a tweet he said "It’s the ‘ooh what are we like?’ aspect of this which grates. As if it’s charming and a bit wacky that this has happened."

Organisers say refunds will be available for anyone now unable to attend the charity event, in the car park of the Hacienda apartments. The event will also be streamed live through the StreamGM website. ll proceeds from the night will be all proceeds from the night will be donated directly to The Christie charity & Legacy Of War Foundation.

The rave will see some of The Hacienda’s best resident DJs come together including Hewan Clarke, Graeme Park, Jon Dasilva, Tom Wainwright, DJ Paulette, Aaron Mellor, K Klass who play live, and surprise guests on the night.

Hacienda to mark 40th anniversary with huge rave in car park where original site once stood

Dancefloor of the Hacienda nightclub Credit: PA Images

The Hacienda opened in a former yacht warehouse in Manchester on 21 May, 1982.  It became the epicentre for Manchester’s live band scene and boasted seminal gigs from bands such as The Smiths, The Stone Roses, James, New Order, The Fall, Primal Scream, Pet Shop Boys, and international artists such as Madonna and Nick Cave.

The club closed for the final time in 1997. The original building was demolished in 2002 and replaced by the Hacienda apartments.