Grandson starts a TikTok page to help 84-year-old grandad with dementia make new memories

Video report by Victoria Grimes

A video of a grandad from Cheshire at Manchester City's epic title winning match singing along with fans has been viewed over five million times on Tik Tok.

Barry Carr was filmed by his grandson Charlie Gibson who started a page to help make memories for his 84-year-old grandad, who has dementia.

A love for Manchester City is something Charlie and Barry have always shared - Barry has been a fan since he was six years old so it is no surprise that Charlie followed in his footsteps.

The pair got tickets to the title clinching final match of the season against Aston Villa on 22 May.

"It's an unbelievable memory to have - he is a City fan through and through - the whole day and the result made it feel like a rollercoaster," Charlie said.

City's win was the icing on the cake for Barry, who elated by the win, found the energy to make it onto the pitch to celebrate the result.

He added: "It was incredible to get him onto the pitch - even though we're not supposed to - it made it extra special.

It was amazing to see the energy he got from being at the ground and enjoying the football."

Barry even remembered the songs and joined in the singing with all the other fans.

Charlie said: "It was an emotional day - we have an amazing relationship, he's my real connection with City and this is my way of giving something back to him.

"In the car on the way he started to fade - he couldn't remember my name so he just held my hand, but as soon as we got to the Ethiad Stadium, he started smiling.

"I was worried it was all going to be too much for him but when he got into the stadium it was like all the memories came flooding back.

"Even in the last two years, his condition has got worse but then to see him at the ground and how he lit up was just incredible.

"It shows that even if you have Dementia, you can still have fun. He is still the same person, even if he finds things difficult to understand.

These are memories I will cherish forever."

Charlie filmed the experience for a TikTok page he created for Barry. He shares videos of his grandad and has been overwhelmed by the response from fans.

"I made the page as a kind of video album for him to make memories. It's been amazing to be able to share it with people," he said.

"More than one million people have viewed the video of grandad at the match and I have had messages from lots of people who say it reminds them of their grandparents or father or wife... he's a real character and people have really connected with him, which is fantastic.

"If we can raise awareness of Dementia and related illnesses at the same time and show that you can still have fun, then that's all that matters."

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