Residents on Liverpool street spend hundreds getting into Champions League final spirit

'Klopp Street' in Halewood, Liverpool. Credit: Liverpool Echo

People living on a street in Liverpool have spent hundreds of pounds getting into the Champions League spirit, ahead of the final in Paris on Saturday (28 May).

Residents of Penmann Crescent in Halewood have gone all out with flags, cardboard cut-outs, balloons and floodlights, all to support Liverpool FC.It isn't the first time the residents have decorated their street ahead of a final.

In 2019, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp sent his assistant to the road to hand deliver a signed posted and cap for one of the residents, Debbie O'Shaunessy.

Klopp sent Debbie O'Shaunessy a signed picture and cap. Credit: Liverpool Echo

It took people on the street around two days and dozens of trips up and down ladders to set up the display, and the families living inside have spent hundreds of pounds over the years collecting merchandise.When asked why she decorates every year, Debbie said it was 'for the grandkids', of which she has seven.

Debbie said: "Every year I said 'I'm not doing it next time' but here we are again. I do it for the grandkids really, it gives them something to do and keeps everyone together."It's memories for them as well, because that's our memories and mine from growing up and watching the match. We had street parties and we just want to keep that alive and keep the spirit on the street the same."

Debbie decorates the street "for the grandkids". Credit: Liverpool Echo

Debbie's neighbours, Karen Roberts, 52 and Michelle Jackson, 40, have also been decorating their houses for years. Karen said she will keep the decorations up, no matter what the result.She said: "It's a massive achievement for them just to be there so I'll be keeping them up no matter what. It's just what you do to support your team."The last time Liverpool were in the Champions League final the street was completely closed and the three families, along with friends, had a party in the street.Although the street isn't having a party this year, they said they will all be spending time together again.After Liverpool's victory over Villarreal in the UEFA Champions League semi-final, thousands of Reds fans have made the trip to Paris for the final against Real Madrid.