Meet the TT fan who has travelled from Germany to the Isle of Man for every race since 1981

A TT enthusiast is making his 40th trip to the Isle of Man TT, after visiting every racing year since 1981.

Klaus Krumpl arrived on the island a few weeks ahead of the iconic races starting on Saturday.

He has made the journey from Duisburg in Germany to the island for the TT races for 40 years.

When asked why he decides to make the journey so early, he said "it belongs to my life to travel here".

Klaus has camped in the same place for the 40 years he has visited the island, positioned on the side of the road at Dhoon Glen near Laxey.

At the camp site a sign reads 'Gruseleck' which was the original name thought up by the group. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

There were originally a group of three german tourists who would camp at the site, but Klaus is the last remaining member of the team who visits.

Local residents near to the site often stop by with food, drink and fire wood to welcome back the 'Gruseleck' group.

The police even paid Klaus a visit in the weeks leading up to the opening weekend to wish him well.

Cars and bikes are often known to beep their horns as they travel past.

Klaus is often seen waving to passing cars and bikes. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

'Gruseleck' is a firm favourite amongst Manx residents, and some see the arrival of Klaus as the unofficial beginning of the TT festival.

The Isle of Man TT starts on Saturday 28 May and runs through to Friday 10 June.