Liverpool fans abandon coach to Paris for £1 after it breaks down

Youtuber does get Reds fans to Paris in his £1 coach despite breakdown
Youtuber does get Reds fans to Paris in his £1 coach despite breakdown Credit: Liverpool Echo

The 'cheapest coach in the UK' taking Liverpool fans to the Champions League final for £1 has been abandoned at an M6 service station.Liverpool fan and YouTuber Simon Wilson bought a 22-year-old coach to take fans to Paris after being appalled at the extortionate price of ferry and flight fares.

Liverpool fan Simon Wilson makes it to Paris on a £1 coach with a few dramas on the way Credit: Liverpool Echo

After setting off from Anfield Stadium for Melwood training ground yesterday, the air conditioning failed and the bus packed with 50 fans was like a 'sauna'.

Then they realised it didn't meet any emissions standards in Paris.Simon says, "I made the decision that we're going to have to have a Plan B. So I made some calls, but bearing in mind I’m not a coach expert, I’ve never learnt so much about coaches in the last week than in my entire lifetime."We managed to find another coach that hit the criteria for Paris so I mini-bussed everyone from Melwood to Lymm services, then the driver went to pick up another coach, came back to the services and we’ve all gone south from there."

The delay meant they missed the ferry, adding to the drama on their journey.

"I rang the ferry company up to be told there was a cancellation on a ferry a bit later, so they just moved our booking to the later one."We just got there and we just managed to get on the ferry and we arrived at this little hotel in the middle of nowhere in France at 4am."

Fans packed on the £1 coach to Paris Credit: Liverpool Echo

Despite the long journey and the added cost, Simon has stuck to his word and by late afternoon will have taken Liverpool FC fans from Anfield to Paris having still charged them just £1.Simon joked: "I’m in the process of declaring myself bankrupt after this trip, but every credit to everyone on the bus.

"They've all been buzzing and even at 3.40am they were still singing Liverpool songs."