Oldham primary school recreates coronation service for Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Video report by correspondent Mel Barham

A school in Oldham has commemorated the upcoming platinum Jubilee celebrations with a re-enactment of the Queen's coronation.

Pupils at St Paul's C E Primary in Royton dressed up in costumes and recreated the entire service, including some of the original music, to mark the event which took place on June 2, 1953.

The children dressed up as the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, Bishops, Lords and Ladies, as they followed the original order of service, to mark the platinum Jubilee.

Pupil Layla Dowd, playing the Queen, processes down the aisle as the school recreates the 1953 Coronation Credit: ITV News

The choir sang the same anthem 'Zadok the Priest', which was sung for the original service back in 1953 and hand-made the crown, orb and sceptre to be used in the service.

Headteacher Hilary Henderson said "I just felt it was such a good idea to try and recreate the whole Coronation because it is about building memories for the children and certainly this will be a very memorable event for them."

Year 6 pupil Layla Dowd was chosen to play the Queen, and told Granada it was "a little bit nerve-wracking."

After the service, pupils lined the street to cheer and wave flags as the newly crowned Queen walked past Credit: ITV news

She said: "I was thinking I was in the Queen's shoes, she must have felt like she had a big responsibility ahead of her."

After the service, Layla and Theo Bishop, who was playing the part of the Duke of Edinburgh, went outside and processed down the road, as the entire school lined the street waving their hand-made flags.

Theo said "It was a really good experience. My favourite bit was when we walked out on the street."

Amelia Mulravska was playing the part of a lady-in-waiting, and told Granada her favourite part was "when we had to go in the church porch and curtsy and bow to everyone but it did make my legs ache!"

The service was attended by the whole school as well as parents and guests from the local authority, council and local community.