Isle of Man TT Races 2022: Taking a tour of the 37-mile Mountain Course with Milky Quayle

Video report by ITV's Isle of Man reporter Joshua Stokes

It's often called the most dangerous race course in the world, and you don't have to watch for long to understand why.

The 37.73-mile course sees riders take to the public roads on the Isle of Man, completing a lap in around 20 minutes.

That's averaging speeds of around 130mph with max speeds just shy of 200mph.

And I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon taking a more leisurely spin around the course with former TT winner, Milky Quayle.

Milky Quayle last competed in the TT in 2003 but has since dedicated his time to help newcomers. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Richard 'Milky' Quayle was born in the Isle of Man and has spent most of his life involved in the TT with unrivalled knowledge of the course.

He knows all too well the dangers of the race after crashing in 2003, marking the end of his TT racing career.

But despite no longer racing, he has dedicated his time to help newcomers learn the course.

His passion for the races shines through every time he speaks: "It's straight at you. It is so fast, that's the thing with the TT course: there's no warm up, it's literally straight into it, straight into 170/180 miles an hour,".

"If Roger Federer misses a shot then he loses a point, whereas if I miss my apex (of a corner) I lose my life."

"We ride motorbikes for speed because it's an adrenaline hit. Here you get it in the bucketful. It's a fantastic place."

Ballaugh Bridge is the largest jump on the course over the bridge. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

Dave Haigh is manager of the Raven pub which is on the TT course at Ballaugh Bridge, which has one of the biggest jumps on the course.

His preparations for the TT begin in January: "It's like a race mode, everything's a bit faster, everything's coming at you quickly, you're thinking well ahead.

"It's brilliant isn't it. It's got all the action, it's got the jump, it's the best place to be."

The Isle of Man TT Races have returned for 2022 after a three year break because of the pandemic.

Motorsports fans - as well as competitors - from all over the world have been arriving on the island for what is one of the world's great sport events.

An estimated 40,000 visitors are making their way via ferry and plane to watch the action over the next two weeks.

This 2022 Isle of Man TT Races run from Saturday 28 May to Friday 10 June.