MPs told of 'terrifying' ordeal suffered by Liverpool fans at Paris final

Video report by ITV News Granada Reports correspondent Andy Bonner.

The government is being asked to back a full independent inquiry into the way Liverpool fans were treated at the Champions League final.

An urgent question was raised in the House of Commons by Ian Byrne, the MP for Liverpool West Derby, who was at the game in Paris.

It has also been confirmed that Steve Rotheram, the Mayor of Liverpool City Region, will appear before French Senators to discuss the chaos.

Police use pepper spray against fans outside the ground as the kick off is delayed. Credit: Press Association

The match between Liverpool and Real Madrid was delayed by half an hour with fans left struggling to get inside after queuing for hours.

The situation deteriorated further as French police began pepper spraying those trying to see the match.

Supporters have said an apology from UEFA at the weekend doesn't go far enough, and are now instructing their own legal team.

Fans met at the weekend to share stories in the hope the UEFA and the French authorities will take note of their experiences.

In the Commons today Mr Byrne told his fellow MPs: "I was there last Saturday in Paris, I was also there at Hillsborough in 1989, and I can say without any shadow of a doubt that if it was not for the magnificent efforts of the Liverpool supporters last Saturday, we could have had a disaster worse than Hillsborough.

"Last Saturday in Paris I witnessed first-hand the shambolic stadium management and the most hostile policing environment at a sporting event I have ever witnessed.

"I watched children getting pepper-sprayed and pensioners getting tear-gassed, turnstiles and exits shut while thousands queued for hours waiting to attend the blue riband football occasion of the season.

"We were treated like animals for wanting to watch a game of football and then, shamefully, the smears and lies straight from the Hillsborough playbook were used by the authorities to avoid accountability of the horrific events."

Ian Byrne MP speaking in the Commons

Mr Byrne said there is a need for a "full and truly independent inquiry" into the events outside the stadium and said the French government and Uefa should "retract the attempts to smear" Liverpool fans.

Labour urged the UK Government to "establish the facts" and ensure lessons are learned after Britons in Paris were "mistreated and wronged" by the French authorities.

Sports minister Nigel Huddleston said the evidence "would suggest that the vast, vast majority of fans behaved impeccably, waited patiently outside the stadium to get in and many then did not even make it in".

Regional Mayor Mr Rotheram will appear on Thursday, 9 June, in front of the French Senate's Standing Committees on Laws and Culture to talk to senators about his own experiences at the final and his views on where things went wrong both before and after the game.

He is expected to be asked to comment on the responses provided by French ministers in the wake of the chaos.

Mr Rotheram said: "I want as many people in France to know what's actually happened and not the distortions by the Interior Minister, who immediately put out of false statements.

"And let's face it, we know all about what happens when a false narrative takes hold after football incidents."

Steve Rotheram will meet French Senators.

ITV News has been told that fans are enlisting the help of two of the lawyers who worked on the fresh Hillsborough inquests.

It is yet another sign that they are determined those who are responsible for what happened in Paris will be held accountable

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