67-year-old stops Killers concert in Manchester as he crowd surfs towards the stage

Footage from Twitter: @gloaurora

67-year-old Doug James was enjoying the Killers concert in Manchester with his son and daughter-in-law when he got caught up in the atmosphere and decided to have a go at crowd surfing, all the way to the stage.

He didn't realise his fun would stop the concert and get him a face-to-face meeting with Killers frontman Brandon Flowers.

Doug, who lives in Sale with his wife said: "There are so many nice and fun people at concerts, I got chatting to them and thought it would be a good idea."

Doug explains that the people around him had lifted up a lady in a wheelchair and he thought it was a lovely idea.

He said to the people around him: "I'd like to have a go at that and I said to the lad beside me if you crowd surf then I will, he decided not to, but I said lift me up and send me forward."

Doug, who was given the tickets to the concert two years ago from his son said he couldn't wait to go to the gig after it was previously cancelled because of Covid.

Doug said: "I love live music and I love The Killers, it was a brilliant gig."

He didn't realise that he was on the big screen at the concert. When Brandon Flowers asked his what he was doing, he calmly told him "I'm enjoying myself!"

Doug now has the nickname of 'Billy the crowd surfer' after The Killers frontman mistakenly heard his name and announced it onstage while the crowd chanted "Billy, Billy!"

The 67-year-old said: "It must have been my accent!"