French senators worry no-one is taking responsibility for Champions League Paris final chaos

French senators have said they find it "very worrying" that no-one appears to be taking responsibility for the chaos outside Liverpool's Champions League final in Paris.

Police used teargas and pepper spray against fans, including young children, with many crushed as they waited to be allowed inside the State de France on 28 May.

The game was delayed by more than half an hour as fans were trapped outside the stadium.

The French Senate is one of the bodies looking into the events and has given some interim findings.

ITV Granada sports correspondent Chris Hall said: "The senators said it was very worrying that despite all of the evidence and reports so far that nobody has stood up and taken responsibility."

Liverpool fans stuck outside the ground as the kick off is delayed Credit: Adam Davy/PA Wire/PA Images

The Champions League Final between Liverpool and Real Madrid was supposed to be European football's showpiece event.

Kick off was delayed twice as tens of thousands of Liverpool fans were locked out of the stadium.

Many with genuine tickets didn't get to see the game at all.

Chris, who was at the stadium for the final, said: "We saw dangerous looking crushes outside the ground and the indescriminate use of tear gas and pepper spray by French police, sometimes even on young children.

"It was just a mess."

Two French senators issued their update without blaming anyone for the chaos.

However, they did report that:

  • Plans to install adequate signage around public transport, directing fans to the stadium, were blocked by police causing the overcrowding at the stadium.

  • They were frustrated at being unable to work out just how many fans were stuck outside the ground because the stadium CCTV was deleted within a couple of days of the event and they are still waiting for Police CCTV images.

  • There were at least 2,800 fake tickets, possibly more, and they wanted to know why UEFA issued so many paper tickets.

Steve Rotheram on screen during the senate hearing about the chaos during the UEFA Champions League Final Credit: Daniel Pier/NurPhoto/PA Images

Officials, including those from the police and the French Football Federation, have been giving evidence to the senate's Culture, Education and Communication Committee.

Liverpool City Region's Mayor Steve Rotheram, who was in Paris for the match, has also given evidence.

Liverpool supporters have been submitting their stories via a link on the Liverpool FC website. 

The senators said they would be speaking to both clubs next week.

Chris added: "What some fans may want to raise is what happened after the game, which no-one seems to be talking about.

"Why were fans being tear gassed and pepper sprayed then?

"I was outside the stadium at full time and saw dozens of local youths climbing over the gates and into the stadium, while police in riot gear just yards away did nothing.

"Fans we spoke to say these youths then attacked and mugged fans, so police got the tear gas out again. And fans had to climb over 10-foot walls and gates to escape because they'd been locked in.

"That's after the game, so that can't be blamed on transport or fake tickets."

The Guardian newspaper said an official report for France’s prime minister stated that authorities had deployed riot police in large numbers because of "a misconceived association of the 1989 Hillsborough disaster with hooliganism."