Liverpool tops fan-favourite list to host Eurovision Song Contest 2023 as Manchester also bids

Granada Reports reporter Paul Crone live in Liverpool

Liverpool has become the fan-favourite to host the next Eurovision Song Contest, after it was announced the UK would stage the event following the war in Ukraine.

The event had been due to take place in the war-torn country, but following security concerns, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) said the event guarantees could not be met.

The Ukrainian entry, Kalush Orchestra, won Eurovision in Turin in 2022, and it is traditional the winning country hosts the contest the following year.

Britain, which won second place in 2022, offered to step in, and the BBC, which will host the 67th Eurovision, says the search for a host city is now underway.

Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine won the grand-final of Eurovision Song Contest. Credit: PA images

Liverpool is UNESCO's only City of Music in England and has officially offered to host the event, promising to pay tribute to Ukraine if it is selected.

At the time of the bid, in June, Mayor of Liverpool, Joanne Anderson, said: “We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and would like the opportunity for Liverpool to host the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest and in doing so pay tribute to their wonderful country.

“We are an events city and no one can stage a party like us. Culture is synonymous with Liverpool and we tick all the boxes to be next year’s host – great venues, enviable experience, a world-renowned music heritage, UNESCO City of Music status and of course the warm Scouse welcome that just can’t be beaten."

The poll on the fan site shows Liverpool firmly at the top as the favourite to host Eurovision 2023. Credit:

Now, a poll on fan site has put Liverpool as the firm favourite to play host for the event - with its closed rival Leeds trailing almost 10% behind.

And the people of Liverpool are keen to welcome legions of fans to their city in order to showcase its music heritage, history and sights.

Meanwhile, the Leader of Manchester City Council has also formally bid to put the city forward for the contest, which is set to be held in 2023.

Replying to the official Eurovision account, Cllr Bev Craig said: "Manchester will be bidding to host @Eurovision.

"A world class music city, brilliant venues, experience in hosting major events, and of course one of the UK’s largest Ukrainian populations- we are confident we will make it a #eurovision to remember.

"Not to mention one of Europe’s largest LGBT+ communities… many of who are of course texting me excitedly at this very moment."

Several cities have already announced intentions to host the contest before the news was confirmed and it's likely many more will now throw their hats into the ring.

The bidding process will be jointly managed by the BBC and EBU, with host cities needing a large events space, suitable accommodation and international transport links for the competing countries and their delegations.

The UK has hosted the contest on eight previous occasions, in London, Edinburgh, Brighton, Harrogate and Birmingham.

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