Final push to reach £21 million fundraising target to rebuild St Ann's Hospice

Video report by Granada Reports correspondent Elaine Willcox.

The final fundraising push has been launched to raise the last £2 million pounds to rebuild St Ann's Hospice in Cheadle.

The "Build It Together" public fundraising appeal will see a new building that will cost a total of £21.5million.

The majority of the money has now been secured, but now it is hoped a public appeal should get the rest of the money needed to complete the project.

St Ann's hospice building is 150 years old - it's to be replaced on a site next to the existing building

Building work is due to start on land adjacent to the current hospice towards the end of this year.

The vision is for a new hospice to replace the current 150 year old building that was once a children's home and is now no longer suitable for specialist end of life care.

Brian Smith is a patient at the Hospice, he has cancer in his spine, he can't move, so has a team of staff to support him.

The new hospice building would have 21 private rooms with room for family members to be with them.

Brian says it would be wonderful to be able to go outside, to see the gardens and sunshine and even the Manchester rain, that's not possible at the moment in the current building.

Actor Lee Boardman lost two sisters to cancer within 10 weeks of each other in 2014.

Lee Boardman and his sister Suzy who received end of life care at St Ann's Hospice

When his youngest sister, Suzy, a single mum was dying, he said, they didn't know where to turn. After growing up in Stockport he suddenly thought of St Ann's hospice.

He contacted the staff and within a few hours his sister was supported for the last three weeks of her life and the 'weight lifted from his family'.

Lee said on her last day, "Suzy was with her teenage daughter, there were nurses massaging her feet, someone was painting her nails and Suzy was giggling away."

He said that was a wonderful gift to give to his family.

"I didn't know that care with no strings attached even existed until I came here and nothing was ever asked in return, and that's why St Ann's deserves a new building"

Lee and his wife are forever grateful and say families are at the heart of the new hospice's design.

Jennifer James says one of the new building's designers said 'they wanted to surround people with a blanket of love', and that's exactly how they felt with the incredible support of staff.

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