Mum thanks 'wonderful' strangers after helping daughter left struggling to breathe

Mum and Daughter

A mum has thanked two women who helped her daughter after she was left struggling to breathe in Ramsbottom.

Donna Moore was visiting Nuttall Park with her five-year-old daughter Gabriella when the child suddenly fell off the monkey bars and became unable to breathe.

As Donna went into “full panic mode”, two kind strangers rushed over to help. One woman held Donna’s baby while the other phoned for an ambulance.

Upon arrival at the hospital, doctors said Gabriella had badly winded herself but she was assessed for potential damage to her spleen.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, Donna, 34, said: “I went into serious panic mode as you can imagine when it’s your child.

"These two wonderful people helped me, one with my baby I had with me and the other ringing the ambulance for my daughter and keeping me calm.

“Simon and Omar were the most amazing ambulance drivers, they made my daughter totally comfortable, at ease and made her laugh.”