Jeff's all revved up after being reunited with his 1970s motorbike

Here's a man in his element: Jeff Whitehead from Shaw near Oldham back on the road with his beloved Suzuki TS185.

But this is no ordinary motorbike. It was Jeff's first machine he bought way back in 1976.

He sold it in 1978, but decades later spotted what looked like his motorbike, for sale online. He bought it, has restored it, and it's now purring like a TT classic.

About being back on the bike again, Jeff said: "I felt like 17 again. It was lovely because I've waited for the bike for so long, and then it's been with the restorers for 12 to 14 weeks, so it was really nice going out on it for the first time."

Jeff doesn't have a problem staying within the speed limit. His trusty bike doesn't have that sort of power, but is he happy? Yes!

Just as an aside, it's worth mentioning that Jeff originally sold the Suzuki because he was courting, and riding pillion isn't everyone's cup of tea!

What did he buy then? Well don't tell everyone but it was a ... three wheel Robin Regal 750cc.