Em-baa-rassing rescue as RSPCA come to aid of stricken sheep in Wythenshawe

The sheep had been stuck between the bars for several hours Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA came to the rescue of a sheep that got wedged between the bars of a feeding station.

Animal rescue officer Helen Chapman was called to a field in Wythenshawe in Manchester after a passerby spotted the stricken ewe. 

The ewe was eventually rescued. Credit: RSPCA

Helen said: "This sheep appears to have been carrying a little too much weight and got wedged between the bars of the field shelter! 

"The metal structure is designed to allow the lambs and young sheep inside to reach supplementary food while keeping the adults out. But this greedy ewe decided to push her luck and try to get the extra feed, getting her back end stuck outside the bars!

"Thankfully there's a simple mechanism to unscrew to widen the gaps between the bars so I was able to do that and free her back to the rest of the flock. I suspect she was feeling rather sheepish by then!" 

The RSPCA is reminding farmers to check their livestock at least once a day to ensure there are no problems such as trapped, sick or injured animals.