Merseyside firefighters put out 157 grass fires in a week during heatwave

Credit: Mersey Fire Twitter
They claim a number of fires have been started deliberately and are encouraging young people to think of the consequences. Credit: Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service Twtiter

Fire crews were called out to 157 grass fires in a week following the heatwave and rising temperatures - with a number started 'on purpose'.

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service says on average, it has dealt with more than 20 grass fires a day since 14 July.

The emergency service believes a number of the fires were started on purpose.

It said: "Deliberate fire setting not only affects people's ability to enjoy our parks & woodlands, but it can also have an effect on wildlife."

In a tweet, they encouraged parents to speak to their children about the consequences of deliberate fire setting.

It said: "It might seem like a bit of harmless fun or 'a laugh' but it's arson - a serious offence that can lead to a criminal record".

The country experienced its hottest ever day on record on Tuesday after Britain was issued the first ever red extreme heat warnings.

In Stockport, a busy road even melted following extreme temperatures during the record-breaking heatwave.

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service has reminded people even though temperatures have dropped, the ground is still extremely dry.

The Fire Service are reminded people that despite a drop in temperature, the ground is still very dry. Credit: Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service

It is advising people to leave their barbecues at home, and warning then not to light fires in woodlands and to dispose of cigarettes properly.