Hosepipe ban in place to tackle water shortage after 'extremely dry period' on Isle of Man

  • Rob Callister MHK is urging the public not to panic

A temporary hosepipe ban will take effect in the Isle of Man following an 'extremely dry period' and an increase in usage over the past few weeks.

Manx Utilities are introducing the ban on 29 July after warm weather and an increase in water usage over recent weeks.

Fines of £2,000 will be given to those who choose not to follow the temporary rules.

Manx Utilities are also asking residents to consider their water intake with lower than normal levels of the Island’s drinking water supply.

Jet-washing a drive, watering a garden with a hosepipe and washing a car are not considered essential.

The Utilities team have been pumping supplies to boost West Baldwin reservoir from Sulby Reservoir since 27 April this year.

Both the temperature and levels of evaporation are above average for the summer period. Credit: ITV Granada Reports

The Isle of Man Met Office has confirmed that the UK seasonal modelling from July to September is expected to be warmer than usual.

Spring has been 'unusually dry' with less rainfall in March and April than usual meaning water stocks were below average at the beginning of summer.

Rainfall in June was 28.9mm versus the average of 62.9mm which is approximately 50% less than usual for this time of year.

Manx Utilities Chairman, Rob Callister MHK said: "As with many water utility organisations, Climate Change is having a profound effect on raw water supplies across the globe and the Isle of Man is not immune.

He continued: "Although the restrictions apply to domestic users we would also ask businesses to consider their water use needs and activities to protect our Island’s supply.”