Schoolgirl Lottie to record song with Serani after Manchester Caribbean Carnival No Games video

Schoolgirl Lottie Tute has become a global celebrity after she was pulled up on stage to sing with one of her favourite singers.

Dancehall artist Serani was singing hit song 'No Games' when he asked the seven-year-old, who was in the audience, to join him onstage, at the Manchester Caribbean Carnival.

Lottie was quickly hoisted onto the stage, on Sunday 14 August, and despite being nervous, belted out the chorus to one of her mum and dad's favourite songs.

Lottie said "I couldn't believe it. I was like, wow, I'm doing this!"

A video of Lottie and Serani singing quickly went viral and has already amassed more than six million views on social media.

She is so popular people even stop her on the streets to ask about the experience.

Serani said: "She is the star, she just took over the stage, she's so sweet.

"I never thought the video would get so big but the views just kept growing and growing."

Who is Serani?

Serani is a Jamaican dancehall singer and producer, and has worked with artists such as Sean Paul and Vybes Cartel.

No Games is one of his biggest hits, created in 2008, and most recently has been sampled by Eminem for "Farewell", on his album Music to Be Murdered By.

What is dancehall music?

Dancehall is a genre of Jamaican popular music that originated in the late 1970s.

It is an off-shoot of reggae and features digital instruments.

The seven-year-old has been going to Manchester’s Caribbean Carnival since she was a baby, but this year was extra special because she got to see one of her favourite singers perform live.

Lottie says she used to listen to the song "No Games" all the time with her parents when she was younger, and she particularly wanted to go this year to see Serani.

She says she was "so happy" when he called her up.

Serani was so impressed by Lottie that he asked her, and her whole family, to come to London to spend the day with him.

The star took the family out to dinner, played arcade games, and joined Lottie as she danced, sang and listened to his new song Slowly.

Now she will be featured in his new song.

Lottie said: "I'm excited because I like to sing and dance and I really like Serani's music."

Lottie's mum Kate Hunter said "I sat with Lottie and we looked at all the comments on TiKTok and everything has just been so lovely, so supportive."

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