Tim Peake says 'anyone can be an astronaut' ahead of new nationwide tour

Video report by Granda Reports journalist Rob Smith

Astronaut Tim Peake says anyone can follow in his footsteps as he embarks on a nationwide tour including Liverpool, Manchester and Blackburn.

In 2015, Major Tim was the first British astronaut to visit the International Space Station.

He is now travelling around the country, offering an immersive experience of what it is like to be an astronaut.

The show is called 'My Journey To Space' and follows Tim's life story and includes unseen footage.

Major Tim was speaking in a exhibition at the Planetarium at Liverpool's World Museum.

Tim said: "Space touches everybody. At some point everyone has looked up to the stars and wondered - how did we get here? Where does it all end?

"When I'm talking to young people, I say anyone can be an astronaut. Anyone can apply to the European space agency... and be the first humans on Mars."

The show first reached the North West on Royal Liverpool Philharmonic on 6 September. Major Tim will also have stops at The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester on 21 September and Kin George's Hall in Blackburn on 21 March.

Peake says he would like to be a part of NASA's latest mission to the moon Credit: PA Images

Speaking about NASA's Artemis launch to the moon and whether he would like to be a part of it, Major Tim said: "In a heartbeat, no doubt at all.

"All of my colleagues are looking at Artemis missions as the pinnacle of what you can try and achieve."

Several young children also attended the exhibition. He said: "I think it's part of our jobs as astronauts to be ambassadors for space."

Whilst at the International Space Station in 2015, Major Tim would hold science lessons from space.

Tim will continue his tour all around the UK until April next year and will hope to inspire the next generation of British space explorers.

Tour dates for My Journey To Space can be found online.