Corgis turn out as people of Manchester pay respects to Her Majesty The Queen

Even the Corgis turned out in Manchester on Saturday as tributes to Her Majesty The Queen continue to grow.

Flowers are being left at St Ann's Square after the death of The Queen on Thursday.

Today, many shoppers and passers-by could be seen pausing to read the cards and messages left in memory of Elizabeth II.

People young and old made the journey into the city to pay their own respects.

Lucy Adams, who'd travelled to St Ann's Square said: "I wanted to show my gratitude to the service she's delivered for seventy years. It's amazing.

"We've known nothing but her. So it just felt like that we had to come and do something for her.

"There's so much focus on London at the moment and we were just discussing that Manchester's feeling it too and the rest of the country is feeling it too."

It comes as Charles III was formally proclaimed as King earlier on Saturday.

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