Queen's former dresser from St Helens recalls how the Queen made her ride a horse

'The best boss I've ever had' that's how one former member of royal household fondly remembers The Queen.

Julie Weldon from St Helens served the Royal Family for 20 years and held the title of royal dresser helping Her Majesty to select and wear thousands of different outfits.

Julie Weldon, now 50, began working for the Royals as a housemaid in May 1997, and got to work at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle during her time.

She's now a Health Care Assistant at St Helen's hospital and says she thinks the Queen enjoyed their chats.

She said 'she was just like my nan' and she loved it when I gave her 'a bit of the gossip from the estate'.

Julie said the Queen had the 'cheekiest smile' and was 'incredibly thoughtful.'

Julie Weldon worked for the Royal Family for 20 years and said the Queen was 'just like her nan"

"It was just me and the Queen and I always addressed her as 'Your Majesty' and I curtsied in the morning and the evening, and we would have 'general chit-chat throughout the day".

As a dresser, Julie's job was to check what the Queen wore at certain events in the past, what colour the room was she was attending and what would be the most appropriate outfit and jewellery.

The former royal dresser has so many favourites memories of her time with the Queen including the time she gave her parents 'a corgi'.

Julie left her role with the royal household in 2017 to look after her parents.

She recalls when she spoke to the Queen about her funeral, and Her Majesty said 'I hope when I pass there isn't this much fuss'. I said 'I think there will be a little bit of fuss'.

"Another time she gave me the full history of the crown for the opening of Parliament, describing where each jewel came from."

She said putting the crown on the monarch's head 'was quite a moment'.

She said it's very heavy and it just sort of balances, so it can be quite nerve wracking when she wears it.

She travelled to Canada, Italy and Nigeria with the Queen and she also made sure they had some time to go out and see the place they were visiting.

She said while they were at Balmoral, the monarch would judge the staff's fancy dress outfits, sometimes inviting the Prime Minister to join in. Julie had to explain who everyone was under the costumes, and the Queen thought it was 'great fun'.

Julie Weldon receiving her RVM from Prince Charles with a personal message from the Queen

Julie was awarded a Royal Victoria Medal in 2012 and it was presented by the then Prince of Wales.

Prince Charles told her 'Mummy sends her love and she's sorry she can't be with you today and she is very proud of you and all of your achievements over the years and wishes you the very best.'

“I went to his wedding with Camilla, I met Princess Margaret, and remember William and Harry riding down the corridors on their bikes.”

Juile added that the Royal Train was “always amazing” and that she enjoyed many garden parties and occasions.

Julie said Scotland did the Queen proud, and she was shocked at the Queen's sudden death but was glad she was at Balmoral, which she so loved.

She plans to watch the Queen's funeral at home 'just to reflect and have a little cry' and and then she will link up with other former and current Buckingham Palace staff to support each other.