Lancashire survivor of Westminster Bridge attack on meeting the new King after terror attack

Travis Frain was just 19 when he was hit 'head-on' by a car on Westminster Bridge in an Islamist-related terror attack.

Travis was in shock and had suffered a number of broken bones and he was not expecting to see the now King at his bedside.

The student said the then Prince Charles arrived at Kings College Hospital where he was being treated not long as his mum and it was 'really touching' that the royal took the time to visit.

Travis Frain with the then Prince of Wales at his bedside

Travis , an undergraduate at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk at the time, said the Prince was 'kind with empathy'.

The 19 year old had been visiting Westminster with 13 other students and a lecturer to watch Prime Minister's Questions.

The politics student, who had wanted to become an MP was walking across Westminster Bridge when he was thrown over the bonnet of the car driven by terrorist attacker Khalid Masood, who targeted pedestrians.

Travis Frain being taken to hospital after terrorist attack on Westminster bridge

He suffered a fractured leg and left arm, cuts to his thigh and two broken fingers. Four people died and 50 people were injured in the attack, with 31 receiving hospital treatment.

Khalid Masood then went on to fatally stab PC Keith Palmer, before being shot dead by police.

Masood said in a final text message that he was waging jihad in revenge for Western military action in Muslim countries in the Middle.

Westminster Bridge attack in March 2017

Travis said the Monarch can play a vital role in providing comfort to those caught up in such attacks.

He said he was a 'bit cheeky' and had asked the now King if he could have a photograph.

He said the lighting on the ward in Kings College Hospital was not great for a picture and the royal took time to turn on the lights.

He said he also spent some time with another patient on the ward who was not involved in the attack. He later learnt he had kept in touch with that patient.

Travis said he is in little doubt, Prince Charles will be able to fill the gap, after the Queen's passing with the same 'respect and dignity, Queen Elizabeth had.