Stephen Graham to star in ITV drama focusing on plot to kill Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper

  • Watch the full trailer for ITV's The Walk In, a new drama depicting the plot to murder MP Rosie Cooper

The harrowing true story behind a neo-Nazi's plot to kill a West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper has been turned into an ITV drama.

The Walk In depicts the murderous plan and how it was stopped by an under-cover member of the campaign group Hope not hate (Hnh), played by actor Stephen Graham.

But who is Rosie Cooper and why was she the target of a terror plot?

MP Rosie Cooper was victim to a terror plot in 2017. Credit: PA images

Who is MP Rosie Cooper?

Rosie Cooper is a Labour MP for West Lancashire who was first elected to represent the constituency in parliament in 2005.

Born in Liverpool, Ms Cooper was the daughter of deaf parents and is passionate about making society more accessible for people living with hearing impairments.

The 72-year-old recently played a pivotal role in ensuring British Sign Language was given legal recognition in the England, Scotland and Wales.

The British Sign Language Bill means that public bodies have to promote the language and ensure that interpreters are available for certain services and events.

Rosie Cooper was instrumental in making British sign a recognised language in England, Scotland and Wales. Credit: PA images

However in 2017, Ms Cooper's life was threatened by a member of the banned extreme right-wing group National Action, just a year after the brutal murder of colleague, Jo Cox.

Despite a life sentence for the neo-Nazi responsible, Ms Cooper announced on 20 September 2022, that she would be standing down as MP, triggering a by-election.

She said recent events - the terror plot - had "taken their toll" and, after a period of "soul-searching", had taken up a role with the NHS in Merseyside.

Jack Renshaw was handed a life sentence for threatening to murder MP Rosie Cooper and a police officer. Credit: Lancashire Police

Who tried to kill the Lancashire MP and why?

Born in 1995, Jack Renshaw is a convicted child sex offender, terrorist and former spokesperson for the banned far-right group National Action. (NA)

The 23-year-old at the time was handed a life sentence, for a minimum of 20 years, in May 2019 for making preparations to kill his local MP and threatening to kill a police officer.

Henderson was not the officer in charge of the case, but she was a female officer working on the case, something HnH say made her a "justifiable target" for Renshaw.

Now 27, Renshaw bought a 19-inch knife to murder Rosie Cooper and exact revenge on PC Victoria Henderson, who was investigating him for grooming young boys.

Jack Renshaw was a member of the banned far-right group National Action. Credit: Hope Not Hate

He studied Ms Cooper's itinerary and told members of NA about his plan during a meeting in a Warrington pub in July 2017 with the leader Christopher Lythgoe and other members.

After killing Cooper, Renshaw planned to lure Victoria Henderson to meet him and then kill her too.

Having murdered both women, he planned to force the police to shoot him, donning a fake ‘bomb vest’. Renshaw said he would kill in the name of “white jihad”.

Thankfully, his murderous plot to end the life of Ms Cooper and Victoria Henderson was foiled by informant Robbie Mullen.

Robbie Mullen was part of the campaign group Hope not hate who foiled Renshaw's plans. Credit: Hope not hate

How was Jack Renshaw's plot to kill Rosie Cooper uncovered?

Renshaw's barbaric plans were prevented by antifascism campaign group Hope Not Hate (Hnh).

The ITV drama centres on Robbie Mullen - and informant for the antifascism campaign group Hope not hate - and how the organisation infiltrated NA and prevented the attack.

Mr Mullen, a former member of NA, spent a prolonged time undercover as a mole for Hnh.

His information about the plot and the activities of NA was passed on to the police and resulted in a high-profile trial at the Old Bailey.

Mr Mullen said his decision to reveal Renshaw's plot changed his life but he "had no other choice".

Stephen Graham stars in the new ITV drama The Walk In. Credit: ITV

Who stars in the new ITV drama?

This autumn, ITV is broadcasting a new five-part drama called ‘The Walk-In’.

It follows Head of Intelligence for HOPE not hate, Matthew Collins as he works with informant Robbie Mullen to unearth the truth behind National Action and Jack Renshaw.

Collins, a reformed Neo-Nazi, now working as a bona fide journalist for the anti-racist organisation, is played by critically-acclaimed actor Stephen Graham.

Forced to flee the UK and go into hiding in the 1990’s when he became a mole from within the BNP, Collins returned to Britain to make a new life for himself.

Stephen Graham plays Matthew Collins in the new ITV drama. Credit: ITV

The drama focuses upon Collins and his work to stop the radicalisation of young white men before it begins.

Mr Collins said: “Here at Hope not hate we really hope that The Walk In will give the public an insight into how real these threats are.”

The Walk-In also stars Jason Flemyng, from Pennyworth, Dean-Charles Chapman, from Game of Thrones, Leanne Best, from Four Lives, and Andrew Ellis, This Is Going to Hurt.

The series is written by Oscar nominated and BAFTA multi award-winning screenwriter, Jeff Pope.

When does The Walk In start and where can I watch it?

The Walk In will be released on ITV and ITV Hub from 3 October with an in-depth documentary to follow the series.

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