Comedian back on ITV with show about sign language John & Joe Bishop: Life After Deaf

The documentary follows John and Joe's journey into the deaf community and unpacks the issues the family have faced. Credit: ITV

Liverpool comedian John Bishop is launching a new show about British Sign Language and deaf awareness with his son, Joe.

John & Joe Bishop: Life After Deaf follows the family's journey into the deaf community and unpacks the issues they have faced.

Joe, the comedian's eldest son, has an autoimmune condition causing progressive deafness.

After a decade of trying to "fix" his hearing, the family decided instead to learn more about the deaf community.

The father and son duo meet other deaf people to learn about "miscommunication and misunderstanding" they’ve faced.

It is hoped that the show will offer an alternative perspectives on what it means to be deaf.

John said: "Before we started this journey, we could never have imagined what an impact it would have on us as a family.

"Joe and I are so grateful to the members of the deaf community who we’ve met this year, their generosity has changed our lives."

In recent months British Sign Language (BSL) has gained media attention as it has been recognised as an official language in England, Scotland and Wales.

Around 11 million people in the UK are deaf or hard of hearing. Credit: ITV News

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper had been campaigning to make BSL an official language in the United Kingdom for some time.

Love Island's Tasha Ghouri has also been raising awareness for those who require BSL.

John Bishop hopes that his show will help bring more public attention to deaf people and help everyone’s understanding.

The comedian has set himself the target of delivering an entire signed stand-up comedy gig to a deaf audience.

John & Joe Bishop: Life After Deaf airs at 9pm on ITV on Thursday 22nd September.