Cheshire fire crews come to the aid of cow stuck in mud

Cow stuck in mud
Fire crews managed to rescue the cow that was submerged in mud. Credit: Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

Fire crews in Cheshire have come to the rescue of a cow which found itself stuck in mud.

The call was made on Sunday evening to say the animal was in trouble after becoming submerged up to its head in thick mud.

Firefighters worked with the farmer and a vet to release the stricken cow, which was eventually handed back to the farmer unharmed, but very muddy.

Writing about the event on Twitter, Lymm Fire Station said: "Crews rescued a cow stuck in mud.

"Crews worked with the vet and farmer using his Telehandler to help release the cow and was handed back to the farmer with no injuries".

The very muddy cow was rescued and unharmed Credit: Lymm Fire station